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Trap/neuter/return, commonly referred to as "TNR," is the only method proven to be humane and effective at controlling feral cat population growth. Using this technique, all the feral cats in a colony are trapped, neutered and then returned to their territory where caretakers provide them with regular food and shelter. Young kittens who can still be socialized, as well as friendly adults, are placed in foster care and eventually adopted out to good homes. TNR has many advantages. It immediately stabilizes the size of the colony by eliminating new litters and helps prevent the vacuum effect of new cats moving in.

Another significant advantage to TNR is that, when practiced on a large scale, it lessens the number of kittens and cats flowing into local shelters. This results in lower euthanasia rates and the increased adoption of cats already in the shelters. For example, in San Francisco, after TNR had been widely implemented for six years, euthanasia rates for all cats, feral and domestic, declined by 71 percent. San Diego, after several years of TNR, also experienced substantially lower euthanasia rates.

Look for the notch or the tip on the ear that means the cat is fixed

"I'm neutered" "I'm spayed" "I'm neutered"

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More cats are intentionally killed in the United States than die from any other documented cause. Who is responsible? The vast majority of these killings are perpetrated not by cruel individuals, but by, and with the authority of, an antiquated animal control system. These killings are performed by government employees and contractors, and spill over to private shelter employees.

Feral cats are not socialized to humans. They are not candidates for adoption into homes. To put them into an animal control system where the only positive outcome is adoption is to hand these animals a death sentence. We recognize that the historic animal control system is the problem, not the solution.

Fortunately, a viable, nonlethal alternative has already been identified and is being implemented in communities across the world. Trap Neuter Return (TNR), the only humane, effective method to reduce their population.

Cats have a very little impact on the bird population compared to humans and development on land.

Please contact your local shelter or Humane Society to learn more about the TNR services they provide, trap rentals, and more info.

TNR class are given at the Humane Society Silicon Valley in Milpitas please visit: click on Event Calendar for a schedule of classes